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After World War II ended, Sam and his sons Jack and Lewis set out to expand their holdings and positively influence the skyline of New York. Initially they built apartment buildings and then in 1955 began constructing office buildings (415 Madison). Sam's philosophy was that "all these good people who were renting apartments needed offices to work in as well." As a result he began building an apartment building at the same time an office building was under construction. Sam was particular about the locations he chose. His motto "if you can get there by subway, I want to own it" has served the family well. The second and third generations have followed this credo by creating and expanding a portfolio of real estate that is easily accessible to the finest underground transportation system in the world.

Following Sam's death in 1975, his sons, Jack and Lewis, took over the company and expanded the portfolio with the construction of 40 East 52nd Street, 1675 Broadway and 560 Lexington Avenue. Building upon Sam's philosophy, the family was extremely active in philanthropic and civic affairs. In 1971, Lewis along with other business, real estate and civic leaders, created the Association for a Better New York in response to the fiscal crisis.

As chairman of ABNY, Lewis led many civic initiatives including leading the city out of potential bankruptcy in 1977; buying bullet proof vests for the NYPD; defeated the deductibility of local and state taxes in 1986 and pushing for the Concorde to land at JFK. Lewis earned the prestigious CBE from Queen Elizabeth for his hard work on this effort. Lewis Rudin died on September 20, 2001.

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