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Fire and Life Safety
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Fire Safety Director Duties (Continued)

    1. Notify the owner or other persons having charge of the building when any designated individual is neglecting his responsibilities contained in the Fire Safety Plan. The owner or other person in charge of the building shall bring the matter to the attention of the firm employing the individual. If the firm fails to correct the condition, the owner or person in charge of the building shall notify the Fire Department.
    2. In the event of a fire, report to the Fire Command Station to supervise, provide for and coordinate:
      • Insure that the Fire Department has been notified of any fire or fire alarms.
      • Manning of the Fire Command Station.
      • Direction of evacuating procedures in the Fire Safety Plan.
      • Reports on conditions of fire floor to Fire Department on their arrival.
      • Advise the Fire Department Chief in charge in the operation of the Fire Command Station.
    3. Be responsible for the training and activities of the Building Evacuation Supervisor.

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